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I think katy does know about ur twitter and maybe she used to visit it a few times but I do not think she would do now cause although she and john could broke up on good terms I think the last thing Katy wants is to know about john lol she is healing now. but I still think it's weird that maggie visit ur twiter because for what? lol

Haha who knows :p

Well, I posted a pic from her wedding and she tweeted me but its like a few months back. Idk, maybe she was just curious and wanted to check if we could survive after the breakup lmaooo.

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As much as people don't want to admit it, they are 100% over now (it may not be forever but it definitely is now). People keep saying 'IF they are over' and 'IF they're not together' when in fact she confirmed the break up in Australia a matter of weeks ago when asked if she had a boyfriend and she completely avoided the question by claiming "my fans are my boyfriends". As much as no one wants to believe it, people need to take a step out of denial.

Haha don’t blame the previous anon. It was probably sent like 2 weeks ago, where everyone was still in denial. Trust me, I got another 30 old asks saying the same stuff about their break up lol.
I was addressing that particular ask simply because he/she made a point. And I wanted to be clear that my view/opinion on John and/or Katy respectively after the break up is not gonna change.

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Maggie unfaved ur tweet lol but that means that she stalks you?? LMAO

Yes as expected *sigh*

Lol she tweeted me twice previously though.. And I just noticed that her daughter has been following me on Twitter for quite sometime.

Hmmm not only Maggie.. but I think John/Katy also visit my account every once in a while.. Not saying that they stalk my account, but I do feel like they know this account exists lmaooo #what #ineedtogetovermyself

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I hope that if John and Katy have split you don't start to dislike Katy, bc I know you're more of a John fan, bc I know a lot of katycats have turned on John which Is sad considering it doesn't even seem like they had a bad break up, to me it seems like they're on more of a break and if it's meant to be it will be. I'm more of a Katy fan but I do LOVE John and to me he seems like the perfect guy and any girl that gets him to fall deeply in love with them is a very lucky girl

Aww why would I hate Katy or either of them? They’re my favorites, always have been and always will thats basically why I’m willing to spend my time running this blog!! Haha.

But its always been about their music in the first place. I didn’t become a fan of either John’s or Katy’s because they’re dating. I knew back then at some point they would end up dating or just hooking up. Now the fact that they were together for almost 2 years and were/are in love was more than a dream come true for a fangirl!!

If now they’re really done, (which I hope not), honestly speaking, I could care less about their personal lives going forward. I’m just gonna support their music and their respective career. Ughh hate saying that haha.

I dont mean to be bias but I think no girl can be suitable enough for John other than Katy and vice versa… So lets see what the future holds while still keeping our fingers crossed! ;)